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Though MAN Project Management Inc. was incorporated in 1998, its inception dates back, as a proprietorship, to 1980. Conceived and registered in Ontario, MAN Projects maintains extra-provincial registration in Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Initially, providing construction management services to general mining contractors, MAN Project’s expertise was ultimately consumed directly by major mining and power generation companies.

Our first project, upon incorporation, commissioned MAN to provide construction management services toward the design, planning, staffing, implementation and commissioning of an underground uranium ore process plant, 640 meters, below surface. The success of the noted project afforded MAN international exposure, completing multiple projects in the Caribbean, between 2000 and 2006, while simultaneously, continuing to provide management services to both mining and power generation sectors of industry, throughout Canada.

MAN Projects credits our success, to a mindset of mentorship and collaborative participation, with various heritage groups. Throughout the years MAN Projects has grown to staff every facet and discipline of construction, acquiring some of the most experienced and dedicated management staff, as well as “front line” coordinators, of essentailly every trade discipline, in the industry.

MAN Project Management Inc. has and continues to provide exceptional quality construction management services, with a focus on cost, schedule, quality and, above all safety, to the mining and power generation sectors of industry.

Our Team

Team Member

Michael A. Norkum

President and CEO/Senior CM

Team Member

Ken Howell

Cost Control/ Assistant CM

Team Member

Drew M. Norkum

Scheduler/Quantity Surveyor/QA/QC

Team Member

Garret Cowan

QA/QC/ Document Control/ Expeditor

Team Member

Susan DeKeyser

Office Administrator/HR Manager

In addition to the identified staff, MAN Project Management Inc. maintains a bank of highly skilled and dedicated, front line, trade discipline, coordinators, as follows: Civil/Structural, Mechanical/Piping, Electrical/Instrumentation, Certified Safety Officers.

Services Profile

Project Initialization

  • Review of all “Design Basis Memoranda” and budget estimates
  • Provide “constructability” input during design stage
  • Construction Scheduling
    • charts and updates
  • Procurement Scheduling
    • “on site” requirements
  • Human Resource Management
    • workforce requirements, job motivation and co-ordination
  • Equipment Resource Management
    • co-ordinate construction plant requirements
  • Sub-trade co-ordination
    • mobilizations and site reviews

Contract Administration (with client review)

  • Assist/Prepare contract scope
  • Monitor and verify compliance to all contractual terms and conditions

Cost Control (with client review)

  • Change Management
  • Issue Field Work Instructions (where required), mitigating schedule and cost impact
  • Estimating & Negotiating Contemplated Change Orders Preparation/Review and Negotiating Progress Payment Certificates


  • Daily Progress reports
  • Month end Reports highlighting progress and safety
  • Ensure “task specific” inspection reports are complete, signed off and logged
  • Review and follow up on Shop Drawings
  • Review and follow up of “As Built Drawings”
  • Review and provide input of all ITPs
  • Chronological Project Photo Log. (electronic format)
  • Compilation and submission of final documentation (including maintenance manuals)
  • Document Control

Project Staffing

  • MAN Projects’ maintains a bank of the industries most experienced and dedicated trade supervisors and administrative staff, proven dedicated, to MAN Project Management Inc.’s, Corporate Mission Statement.
  • Full time, on site, management/supervision representation, mitigating delays, cost overruns and design/installation deficiencies as well as enforcing the highest level of construction safety.
  • Any and/or all of the above services can be provided, through commissioning, of any project, effecting a turn-key site management service.



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